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Shopping for Unique & Speciality Products

Stacy Heydt's Books

Want to introduce your children to the art of making products from an alpaca's fiber?  Stacy's new children's book, The Fashionabe Mrs. Blue has a Plan and a Clue is exactly what you need.  Stacy incorporates humor, problem solving, the entrrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity and the production of textile from alpaca fiber with captativiting illustrations in an adorable 32-page picture book.


The Fiber Factor is the book you need to learn more about alpaca fiber.  Inside you'll learn how to analyze, skirt, sort and put your fiber to work.  It's a must-have reference book for any alpaca owner or fiber enthusiasist.  


Alpaca Products, Fiber, Yarn, Tools & Kits






We have a large selection of DIY Fiber Art Kits from Stacy's Fiber Art Design Studio



Juried in the category of Fiber Arts





Stacy has just been awarded the high honor of being a Juried Artist for the Best of Missouri Hands artists' organization.  This seal is given to artists that have been deemed a master of their craft by a panel of expert artists.  Look for this seal on fiber art products that Stacy had created.





When you see this logo, you know that the product was made on our farm.  As a fiber artist ,Stacy creates beautiful products with fiber and yarn from her alpacas' fiber.  Shop for handspun yarn, handwoven scarves, felted items, even wall hangings. Most of these items are one of a kind because she doesn't like to mass produce anything!  This tag is as unique as the product from which it hangs.  When you want something alpaca, look for Absolutely Alpaca.  



Stacy creates many items for our store.  Look for this logo for unique, speciality products that may or may not be made with 100% alpaca, because sometimes it's fun to explore other fibers, blends or other art mediums.  Greeting cards, photos, wall art, soaps, sachets and other unique gift items are found here. 






We are an Ashford dealer offering spinning wheels, looms and other fiber art supplies.

Services we offer

Fleece Preparation

Our Fleece Prep Service gets your fleeces ready for show.  

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Invite us to speak at your event.

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Classes & Workshops

Fiber Art Classes & Workshops

Sample fiber art projects

We offer classes and workshops in fiber art at our farm, host farms or at special events.   Classes are approximately 1 - 2 hours while workshops are an all day event.  Participants will learn a new skill, or expand their skills in a specific art medium and always take home a finished product.  Choose from: WEAVING, FELTING, SPINNING or DYEING.  Class sizes are small to ensure personalized attention.  


Visit our Calendar to find a class or workshop you would like to take.  Your business or group can host a class or workshop.  Contact us for more information. 

Fiber Workshops

Learn about alpaca fiber

Alpacas are raised for their wonderful fiber.  We offer classes and workshops in working with their fiber to create high quality finished products evaluating their fiber for herd improvement and breeding decisions.  Classes and workshops include how to skirt (prepare) a fleece for show or processing and how to sort fiber for your own personal use.  


Visit our Calendar to find a class or workshop you would like to take.  Your farm or business can host a class or workshop.  Contact us for more information.

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