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About Us

WHITE RIVER ALPACAS, LLC has been in business since 2001 and define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.  We believe in helping our customers acheive their personal goals from alpaca ownership to learning new fiber art skills.


Terry is our business manager and is also in charge of pasture management, repairs and maintenance.  He enjoys working on the farm in the evenings and on weekends.


Stacy is our alpaca care specialist, fiber expert, fiber art designer and instructor.  She is currently the Chair of the Alpaca Owners Association Fiber and Fiber Products Committee and the Co-Chair of the Camelid Community's Fiber Committee.  She has been a member of AOBA's Raw Fiber and Finished Goods committee since 2009, a member of the Spin-Off sub-committee and has been a Spin-Off Judge since 2009.  


Stacy is a professional speaker and instructor who has given seminars at AOBA events, conferences, shows and farms around the country.  


She is also a published author.  The Fiber Factor - A Simplified Guide to Alpaca Fiber has been called THE reference book for every alpaca owner by the national Alpaca Owners Association, certified alpaca judges, industry experts and alpaca owners.  Her children's book, The Fashionable Mrs. Blue has a Plan and a Clue delightfully weaves a tale of alpaca ownership and creating fashions from their fiber.  Stacy's articles on fiber and fiber art have been published in the Alpaca Magazine and in the Alpaca Owners Association's newsletters.


While alpacas are her business, fiber art is her passion.  She loves to spin, weave, felt, knit and crochet.  Her designs have won blue ribbons at various fiber art shows including AOBA Nationals.  She is currently offering some of her patterns and designs in prepackaged project kits.



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Stacy Heydt

Phone: 417-859-5046

Email: stacy@whiteriveralpacas.com

Spin-Off Judging:


  • MAPACA: 2015
  • Carolina: 2015
  • AOA World Fleece Show: 2014  
  • VAOBA: 2014
  • AOBA Nationals: 2011, 2012, 2013
  • MAPACA: 2014
  • VAOBA: 2013
  • Tennessee Waltz Spin-Off: 2012, 2013
  • High Plains Spin-Off: 2012


Fiber Arts & Skeins Judging:

  • AOA World Fleece Show, 2014


Published Articles:

  • Alpacas Magazine:
  • ​Tapestry Weaving - Autumn 2014
  • Fiber Defined & Discussed—Herdsire Issue 2014
  • Making Felted Hearts with Alpaca Fiber—Herdsire Issue 2014
  • What Exactly IS this Cottage Fleece Show all About? - Autumn 2013
  • Judging the 2012 Nationals Spin-Off Competition – Autumn 2012


AOBA Newsletter Articles:

  • What Exactly IS this Cottage Fleece Show all About? – May 2013
  • From a Judge’s Point of View – March 2013
  • Judging the 2012 Nationals Spin-Off Competition – September 2012


AOA Website: All Things Fiber

  • Spin-Off Protocol



  • AOA Speaker Nationals 2014
    • ​The Future is in the Fiber Seminar



  • MIAS Fleece Show Superintendent 2013
  • 2012 AOBA Nationals Fiber Art: Blue Ribbon (100/100 points) waffle weave woven bag




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