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Our NEW Fiber Educational Series is designed to compliment The Fiber Factor.  These HANDS-ON Workshops are fun, easy to understand and still provide you with the education you need to succeed.  Learn more.


DIY Kits & Patterns

Fiber Art Designs, Patterns & Kits




DIY Fiber Art Kits    When Stacy displays her items at shows, folks always ask, "How did you do that?"  She has opened a new business - a design studio called Fun Fibers.  She now sells her designs in easy to follow, step by step instructional kits that include everything you need to make her designs at home.


Stacy's art kits are inspired by nature.  Many kits reflect the wildlife found on the farm.  If you want to learn HOW TO create needle sculpted figurines create pictures or create needle felted ornaments, then there's a project kit for you.  


We're always craeting new kits,so be sure to check back often.




Fiber Art Tools by Ashford

As an authorized Ashford dealer, we carry Ashford's full line of Spinning Wheels, Looms, Felting Supplies, Carders and Books. 

Kits suitable for children

The Fashionable Mrs. Blue opens a fiber art studio in the book, The Fashionable Mrs. Blue has a Plan and a Clue.loves to teach children about alpacas and fiber art.


Stacy has created project kits for kids from Cookie Cutter Art Kits where the cookie cutters have a handle to wet felted projects. Look for her sticker of approval for kits that are suitable for kids.  Her sticker of approval shows appropriate age recommendations.

Unique Products

When you see this logo, you know that the product was made on our farm.  As a afiber artist, Stacy creates beautiful products with fiber and yarn from alpaca fiber.  Shop for handspun yarn, handwoven scarves, felted item or wall hangings.  Most of these items are one of a kind.  They may be samples for kits, prototypes or art items that she's created.  Stacy doesn't mass-produce items - she prefers to challenge her creativity.


This tag is as unique as the product from which it hangs.  When you want something alpaca, look for Absolutely Alpaca.

Juried Artist in Fiber Art





Stacy has been awarded Juried Artist status with the Best of Missouri Hands (BOMD).  Look for this sticker on her products to ensure you are getting a quality product.

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