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Joy 2 

Joy 2 Wheel - available in double or single treadle

The Joy wheel is lightweight and can travel with you wherever you do.  It FOLDS up and has a handle at the top. Includes:

  • 3 bobbins
  • Sliding Hook Flyer
  • Built-in Lazy Kate
  • Stretchy polycord drive band 
  • Scotch tension
  • Ball bearings in wheel and flyer
  • Assembled
  • Lacquered


Wheel diameter: 15 3/4"

Orifice: 3/8"

Bobbin capacity 4-5 oz

Ratios: 6; 8; 11; 14

Weight - starts at 11 lbs



freedom flyer - 1" orifice for spinning novelty and art yarns.

carry bag




Joy Carry Bag

Padded for save travels, this bag has lots of pockets for all of your spinning needs.  Long shoulder strap and carry handle.


Kiwi 2

Kiwi 2 Spinning Wheel

Simple design - easy to use.  Strong MDF wheel with ball bearings.  Single drive.  Smooth and quiet with treadles mounted on poly hinges.  Includes: 

  • sliding hook flyer
  • 3 large bobbins
  • built in lazy kate

Wheel diameter:  17 1/2"

Orifice 3/8"

Bobbin capacity:  4-5-oz

Ratios: 5.5; 7.25

Weight: 12lbs



  • high speed kit
  • jumbo flyer kit
  • bobbins



Traveller Spinning Wheel Natural or Lacquered Double or Single treadle

Small, compact castle spin ing wheel how iwth ball bearings for effortless spinning.  Smooth and quite treadlesmounted on poly hinges.   Includes:

  • 4 bobbins
  • built in lazy kateOrifice 3/8"
  • B; bbin capacity 3-4 oz ;
  • Single drive ratios: 6; 7.5; 10; 14
  • Double drive ratios: 6.5; 8.5; 11.5 (bobbin lead)
  • Weight 15 lbs







double treadle kit (for earlier wheel conversion)

sliding hook flyer

sliding hook flyer jumbo

basic jumbo flyer unit

quill spindle



E-Spinner - the electric "wheel"

e-Spinner for Production Spinning

Quiet motor drives flyer.  Variable speed for spinnng fine to bluky yarns.  Light, compac and portable.  Use a 12v battery for portable spinning. Use single drive bobbins (jumbo, sliging hook flyer, standard or lace); double drive (jumbo, sliding hook flyer, double drive/Elizabeth, high speed or Country spinner.

  • sliding hook flyer
  • 3 jumbo bobbins
  • lazy kate

Assembled, and lacquered.

Orifice 5/8"

Motor 12 v DC 1.24 amp

speed 0 - 1200 rpm

bobbin capacity 8 oz

power supply 100 - 240 volts

weight 6 lbs



12v car cord



Super Reducer Set

Super Reducer Set


Have you ever wanted to spin a finer yarn on your Country Spinner 2 or Kiwi Super Flyer without the yarn dancing around the orifice?

Now you can with a 2 piece nylon bush set that reduces the orifice to 15/8" or 3/8".

Drop Spindles

Top Whorl Spindles

Top Whorl Spindles - sold in the collection with stand or sold separately

A convenient set spingle to long lusrous fleece on the heaviest spindle.  The whorls are hollow underneath, making them lightweight with maximum momentum.  Lacquered with a unique wire hook.

Bottom Whorl Drop Spindle

Classic Drop Spindle





Ashford's popular bottom whorl spindle with removable whorl and unique wire hook.  

4", 3 oz

Turkish Spindle

Turkish Spindle




A spindle with removable bars for winding balls on the spindle as you spin.  Unique wire hook.

6", 2 oz

Niddy Noddy

Niddy Noddy





This niddy noddy is very useful for winding off your yarn into a 5' (60") skein.  Made from turned Silver Beech hardwood, the specifically shaped crossbars allow the skein (hank) of yarn to slide off easily.  Easily dismantled for transport or storage.

JUMBO Niddy Noddy



Like to spin Bulky or Art yarns?  This niddy noddy will skein 79".    The arms have been designed for the yarn to slide off easily.

Sampler Niddy Noddy





Perfect for small, sample skeins.  Skeins 1 yard hanks.  Made from Silver Beech hardwood.  The ends are removable for easy storage or transport.

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