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Check out this new line of fiber art kits!

Our NEW Fiber Educational Series is designed to compliment The Fiber Factor.  These HANDS-ON Workshops are fun, easy to understand and still provide you with the education you need to succeed.  Learn more.

Welcome to White River Alpacas!

We're conveniently located between I-44 and Hwy 60, just minutes east of Springfield, Missouri, in the beautiful Ozark hills.  


It's where we raise our alpacas, give classes and workshops, mentor new alpaca owners and welcome new friends.


If you would like to visit us, just give us a call at 417-859-5046.  We are open by appointment only, but would love to open our barn doors for you.


Contact us if you would like to

  • Visit our farm 
  • Shop in our store
  • Take a class or workshop
  • Meet the alpacas
  • Invite us to speak at your event
  • Host a workshop

Be sure to check out our calendar of events!


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Our goal is to raise healthy, happy alpacas with a gently personality and supreme quality fiber.


We love our alpacas and we hope you do too.  Schedule a farm visit and see if alpacas are right for you.  We are a mentoring farm with no sales pressure - ever.  Our goal is to help you meet your dreams by finding the alpacas that are right for you.  Purchasing alpacas is a committment, not a whim.  And we'll be here for you today and tomorrow.  


Alpacas are gentle herd animals.  They are easy to care for and nice to be around with their quiet hums and calm nature.


Alpaca fiber considered a luxury fiber because it is soft to the touch, it's warm and although it can be dyed into stunning colors, it comes in over 17 natural colors and shades from bright white to rich black that never need to be dyed.



White River Alpacas is dedicated to providing quality products & services to every customer.

Fleece Analysis & Skirting Services

We offer professional skirting services to those that need to have their fleeces skirted for show or prepared for the mill.  


We also offer our professional critique service which includes an assessment of your fleece's qualities and recommendations on how it should be utilized. 

Stacy provides quality workshops, seminars and speaking engagements on the road.  She has spoken at the AOA World Fleece Show and Conference (2014) and other venues.  Contact us if you would like her to speak at your club, event or if you would like to host a fiber or fiber art workshop.


Down the Path to Success

We beleive our success comes with your sucess.  Our personalized Mentoring Services will help you get where you want to go.  What's your goal?  Allow us the privilege of helping you succeed.


All of our workshops are small to allow for individual attention.  They are all inclusive; we provide the tools and supplies you need.  Bring a sack lunch and be prepared to widen your horizons!  


Workshops on the farm include a farm tour!

Fiber Education

The Fiber Education you want - The Skills you Need to Succeed

You don't have to be a rocket scientist (or any kind of scientist) to understand the basic principles of working with fiber.


Our Fiber Factor Fiber Workshop Series is based on Stacy's book, The Fiber Factor.  All of the workshops are Hands-On with class sizes small enough for individual attention.  



You will learn the basic principles of shearing, skirting, sorting and analyzing fiber.  Apply that information into your personalized blueprint to reach your breeding and fiber quality goals.

Fiber ART Education

Creating something with alpaca fiber is very rewarding.  Stacy's Stall to Stunning Fiber Art Workshops are designed to use alpaca fiber in various stages of production (fleece, roving, batts or yarn) and teach you how to create value-added products, yarn, even works of art.  


Stacy's Try-it-Out classes introduce a variety of art mediums in one workshop.  Make one small project in each of the mediums offered to see which art class you like.  Then follow up with a more advanced and in-depth workshop that specific medium.  


Many attendees enjoy making specific products for their farm store.  Some want to make gifts.  While others feel understanding how products are made using the various mediums increases their ability to communiate with their own fiber art customers.  


Art Mediums Include:

  • Spinning
  • Weaving: Rigid Heddle, Tapestry, Continious Strand Weaving
  • Felting: Wet Felting & Needle Felting
  • Mixed Mediums


Stacy's books

To share her love, enthusiam and knowledge of fiber and fiber art, Stacy has authored two books.  But this is just the beginning.  Look for many more children's books about alpacas, their adventures and fiber art projects.  And for the adults, she is currently working on a collection of her patterns and instructions for her favorite fiber art projects.

Made on the Farm Products

When you this tag, it means the product was made on our farm.  Stacy enjoys many art mediums like weaving, felting, mixed mediums and spinning.  And while we may have a few of the same items, she does not do production work.  Many of her "Speciality Products" are one-of-a-kind. especially her wall-art and pictures.  

Fiber Art Supplies

If you are a fiber enthusiast, then you'll love our fiber art products and supplies.  We offer yarn made from our alpacas  (hand dyed or natural) roving for spinning or felting, batts of fiber (natural, dyed or with added bling and speciality fibers) and raw fleeces.


We are an ASHFORD dealer for spinning wheels, looms, carders, dyes, felting supplies and books.  We have many items in stock, or we can special order anything that Ashford carries and have it delivered t your door.  We love our Ashford products - you will too.

Stacy's Fiber Art Project Kits

Stacy has developed fiber art project kits that are FUN and easy to create.  From Cookie Cutter Art Kits to 3-D Needle Sculpture Kits, there's something for everyone and every skill level.

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